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Peter Nicholls Steelboats: (1) What size of barge should you consider?

Well we are building a 65ft x 13ft FCN seagoing barge and it is big.
The advantage with this size of boat is that the cabins are so large you can furnish it like a house.
You can buy a lined sailaway with engine, fit a bought in kitchen (galley), put up some internal
bulkheads (or we can) to divide the boat up. You can fit a bathroom and central heating
(or we can) and then have something to live in.
Rather like buying a house: get the essentials right then improve as you go along.

But is does not have to be that big of course.

Mooring a large boat in France is not so much of a problem as it is in the U.K.
Moorings are cheaper over there and there are more of them . Size of boat set against UK
moorings' costs and availability are a consideration however. However even in France you
will find that above 15 metres will not be welcome in marinas. Having said that there are other
places to moor the larger boat but you must be willing to compromise. That compromise may be
an FCN 54 which is featured on the website and has masses of room without being over large.

There are very few seagoing barges to compete with our FCN class and that is explained
in that section - See "Why an FCN"

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